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June 29, 2018 9:30am - 4:30pm / Rise London, 41 Luke St, London, EC2A 4DP


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Exploring the benefits of blockchain to the creative industries:

– Blockchain for music
– Blockchain for film, TV and entertainment
– Blockchain for media, adtech and marketing

How is blockchain transforming the music, film and entertainment business to benefit creators? Can micropayments facilitated by cryptocurrencies to save the media? How are advertising and marketing being turned on their heads by new developments in blockchain technology? How are IPRs being impacted by blockchain? Get answers to these questions and more at Creatives: Unblocked.


Welcome, registration and coffee

9.30 - 9.45

Sign in and join us for coffee and croissants

Introduction to Blockchain and the Creative Industries


This opening presentation by Unblocked Founder, Helen Disney, explains what blockchain is, what distributed ledgers are, and how they are transforming a range of creative industries.

Panel - Blockchain for Music

10.00 - 11.15

How is blockchain transforming the music business? Use cases of blockchain in music range from changing the way music copyright information is handled and dealing with royalty payments through to eliminating ticketing fraud and, last but not least, enabling whole new business models. Is a networked record industry anywhere near a reality or is blockchain for music just a fashionable pipe dream?


Marcus O’Dair – Middlesex University and Digital Catapult

Colin Palmer – CTO, BitTicket

Phil Barry – Founder & CEO, Blokur

Moderator – Helen Disney, CEO, Unblocked


Coffee break and networking

11.15 - 11.30

Coffee break and exhibition space opens

Blockchain for the Film, TV and Entertainment Industry

11.30 - 12.30

What can blockchain do to help the film, TV and entertainment industries? How does Blockchain/DLT implementation differ to working in the music business? What changes driven by blockchain are impacting on the gaming sector?

Maria Tanjala – Co-Founder, Big Couch and FilmChain

Robert Learney – Lead Technologist in Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology, Digital Catapult

Liberty York – Founder, Tech Tales (Moderator)


12.30 - 1.30

Please join us for a buffet lunch, view the exhibits and chat to speakers

Start Up Showcase

1.30 - 2.15

Hear rapid pitches from leading innovators in the field.

Moderator: Genevieve Leveille, Vice-Chair, techUK DLT working group

Start ups including, JemJar, and Crypto Valley 2018.


Harnessing the power of Blockchain Innovation

2.15 - 2.30

Professor Birgitte Andersen – CEO, Big Innovation Centre

Blockchain for the Media, Adtech and Marketing

2.30 - 3.30

How can blockchain/DLT help content creators protect their intellectual property and monetise their work? Is blockchain the saviour of a dying media industry? Can this technology restore trust in the media and eliminate fake news? Can blockchain turn advertising and marketing models on their heads to re-empower the consumer?

Christine Mohan – Co-Founder, Civil
Rav Singh Sandu – Founder & CEO, Mogul News
Alpesh Doshi  Founder, Fintricity
Ben Livshits – Chief Scientist, Brave
Joon Ian Wong – Reporter, (Moderator)

Future Vision

3.30 - 4.00pm

What will the Creative Industries be like in a blockchain-based future? What long-term impact will this technology have on one of Britain’s most vibrant and important economic sectors?

Speaker: Daniel Hyman, VP of Entertainment Finance and Development, SingularDTV

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      Birgitte Andersen

      Professor Birgitte Andersen is CEO and Co-Creator of the Big Innovation Centre, a London based business led ‘do-tank’ and innovation hub that promotes open innovation via challenge-led taskforces, All Party groups in UK Parliament on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, and an AI Global Governance Commission. An entrepreneur and international expert in business model innovation, Intellectual Property governance and the weightless economy, she regularly called on by the media (e.g. BBC, Al Jazeera, SKY), and her work is published in renowned journals, and highlighted in government reports.


      Read more.

      Andrew Antar

      Andrew Antar is the founder of He is a software developer, UI/UX designer, and an accomplished classical violinist.

      Read more.

      Brian Antar

      Brian Antar is the Co-Founder & CEO of  He founded 8 years ago to create opportunities for artists around the world to share their music, and has built a global network of artists, teachers, engineers, music enthusiasts and more with some of the best technology available to date.

      Read more.

      Phil Barry

      Phil Barry is Founder and CEO of Blokur, a company whose goal is to reduce costs and increase revenue for music publishers and CMOs through automation and better data, enabled by blockchain technology and machine learning.

      Read more.

      Emile Delam

      Emile Delam is co-founder of Crypto Rally 2018. The Crypto Rally project is gathering Automotive, Blockchain, Crypto, and Corporate companies and their representatives, giving them an opportunity to showcase and and creating exposure to a bigger audience via a variety of media channels.
      Read more.

      Helen Disney

      Helen Disney is the CEO and Founder of Unblocked and Co-Founder of GovChain Research.

      Read more.

      Alpesh Doshi

      Alpesh Doshi is Founder and CEO of Fintricity, a fintech consultancy specialising in agile digital transformation.

      Read more.

      Robert Learney

      Rob is Lead Technologist in Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology at Digital Catapult where he develops new programmes to help groups from multiple sectors explore the potential of this technology to unlock economic growth.

      Read more.

      Genevieve Leveille

      Genevieve Leveille is CEO and Founder of Agriledger and Vice-Chair of techUK’s DLT Group.

      Read more.

      Toby Lewis

      Toby Lewis is CEO and Founder of market monitoring company, Novum Insights. He is a serial entrepreneur, prolific writer and analyst, straddling the worlds of technology startups, venture capital and data science. Novum produced the definitive special report on blockchain startups in Sept. 2017.

      Read more.

      Ben Livshits

      Ben Livshits is Chief Scientist at Brave, a blockchain company on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience – while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards

      Read more.

      Antony Mayers

      After working at several international startups, entrepreneur, Antony Mayers, joined London-based Jemjar as head of business development. Jemjar is an app that fuses the power of the blockchain, Ethereum, and mobile technology; making it easy for everyone to earn crypto rewards when they buy from independent cafes, bars, and restaurants.

      Read more.

      Christine Mohan

      Christine Mohan is Co-founder of Civil, a journalism platform built using blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. At Civil she manages partnerships, community and events, and customer operations and, more broadly, is an advocate for diversity in the blockchain community.

      Read more.

      Marcus O’Dair

      Marcus O’Dair is a senior lecturer at Middlesex University in London. He is also a journalist, broadcaster, biographer and musician. He is the convenor of the Blockchain for Creative Industries research cluster at Middlesex and was lead author of the cluster’s 2016 Music on the Blockchain report, and a 2017 white paper about on rights management for the Blockchain Research Institute. As researcher in residence at Digital Catapult, he is writing a book for Palgrave on the impact of blockchain technology on the creative industries.

      Read more.

      Colin Palmer

      Colin Palmer is a self taught techie and the CTO of BitTicket who’s team is solving issues within the event ticketing industry using blockchain technology.

      Read more.

      Juan Rivera

      Juan Carlos Rivera is Head of Investor Relations at Lime ICO. A business developer, over the past few years, Juan Carlos has most been concentrating on augmented/holographic technology, blockchain and creative development.

      Read more.

      Rav Singh Sandhu

      Rav Singh Sandhu is the Founder & CEO of Mogul News ( – which is building the largest decentralised newsroom on the planet to give you everything you need to know in one place.

      Read more.

      Maria Tanjala

      Maria Tanjala is the co-founder of Big Couch, a fintech startup in the entertainment industry, establishing a new finance model. Since 2017, Big Couch has been developing a new product, FilmChain on the Ethereum blockchain, in partnership with Imperial College London to efficiently collect film and digital revenues and instantly pay all the stakeholders.
      Read more.

      Joon Ian Wong

      Joon Ian Wong is Managing Director, Europe and Asia for Coindesk. He was formerly a Technology reporter for Quartz in London where his interests included bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. He began his career in crypto as one of the earliest reporters at Coindesk, where he helped launch the Consensus event series.

      Read more.

      Liberty York

      Liberty York is Founder of Tech Tales and a writer, researcher and trainer for Unblocked Events.

      Read more.

    What You Will Learn

    – User-friendly introduction to cryptocurrencies and applications of blockchain

    – Discover new use cases and applications affecting the creative industries

    – Understand the strategic importance of blockchain and the new business models being created that will transform the way you do business

    – Keep up-to-date with the latest new developments in the field with case-study led content

    – Meet leading startups, investors and entrepreneurs innovating for the future


    "Very well organised and provided our team with a great opportunity to make many useful connections"

    Startup Showcase winner

    "Unblocked Events designed and delivered a 4-week virtual hackathon for us. It’s not over yet, but we are already planning another & will definitely use Helen and her team. Unblocked delivered everything, holding our hand 7-days a week and delivering not just the developers that we needed but also high profile government support, celebrity endorsements, judges, mentors, specifications… and a whole host of other crucial elements that we would have been likely to overlook."

    Richard Hallewell - CPRAS

    "a pioneer in Blockchain and emerging technologies and a champion for women in blockchain. She is an accomplished policy analyst and writer and is a leader in the London Blockchain ecosystem, especially exploring industry verticals like health."

    Dr Jane Thomason - Fintech Worldwide

    "It has been wonderful working with Unblocked. Helen Disney is an expert in the blockchain and distributed ledger space, having been an early proponent of the technology. I've learned so much from her, and she has provided valuable consulting services to us"

    Christian Hasker, CMO - Hedera

    "An excellent event in all ways"

    CEO - Proxime Solutions

    "Attracted a high quality of delegate and speaker that led to some genuinely unique and interesting conversations."

    Programme Manager, Health and Social Care - techUK

    "Superb content and speakers"

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    "a cut above the rest - a unique smart agenda designed to unwrap pertinent topics wrapped up in a naturally cosy atmosphere where you can really connect with people. If impersonal blockbuster events leave you cold, reconnect with Unblocked Events."

    Jenny Creed Geraghty - Clinical Genetic Scientist

    "As informative and insightful as it was entertaining, with the distinguished panel offering diverse opinions on blockchain's manifold applications. Networking opportunities were ample and the good food a real bonus."

    James McKay - McKay Research

    "Unblocked's events are always highlights in the calendar - interesting, informative and inspiring in equal measure"

    Frontier Technologies Association

    "Unblocked continues to curate exceptional events on how industries and processes can be enhanced with the introduction of Distributed Ledger Technologies"

    Start up Founder

    "A truly worthwhile event"

    Bridget Greenwood - The Bigger Pie

    "I had the pleasure of meeting Helen Disney last year when she organised what I would have said was the premier event in Blockchain."

    Genevieve Leveille - Founder, 0tentic8

    "One of the best curated series in London - or globally. A great opportunity to learn new things and going ons in the space."

    Blockchain startup founder

    "An extremely high quality, cutting edge event with expert speakers and well informed audience - thoroughly enjoyable and excellent learnings"

    Dr Jane Thomason - CEO, Fintech Worldwide

    "a rich, intelligently designed agenda and a chance to network with go getters"

    Healthcare Unblocked 2018 attendee

    "a seminal event"

    Chair, Frontier Technologies Association

    "A really great and informative session with a lot of impressive speakers"

    Big Innovation Centre

    "World-class events"

    Founder - Braxxis Partners

    "Healthcare Unblocked was the first healthtech event we’ve attended that truly covered new ground, spoke in line with the sector, and exhibited extremely well-informed speakers and audience."

    Imogen Bunyard - Co-Founder and COO, Qadre

    "One of the best conferences ever with a level of relevant and real-world examples that are not always found"

    Conference Speaker, Healthcare Unblocked

    "I was most impressed by the quality of speakers and delegates. We are at the challenging phase of moving from theory to practice for many of the potential users of blockchain. Your events are certainly helping to bridge the gap!"

    Conference delegate, Healthcare Unblocked

    "Your healthcare event was brilliant. Glad to see that London still leads the way in terms of international innovation."

    Matthew Gardiner - Catch London

    "The most succinct explanation of what Blockchain could do for our sector to date"


    "Very interesting and a proper glimpse into the not-too-distant future. The talks felt particularly relevant to my area of work so I'll be investigating further."


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