Supply Chains Unblocked

Past Event
October 16, 2019 9:30am - 6:00pm / CMS, 78 Cannon St, London, EC4N 6AF


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Supply Chains Unblocked briefs senior business leaders on the strategic opportunity presented by Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology and why this foundational technology is set to transform all aspects of the supply chain and logistics, bringing about a step change in the way the world trades.

We showcase real world examples and use cases from shipping, agriculture, retail, mining, precious metals and trade finance – diving into specific areas where these technologies are creating waves of innovation, greater transparency, security, scalability and efficiency.


Coffee and Registration

9.30 - 10.00

Join us for breakfast, coffee and networking

Blockchain in the Supply Chain - Transforming the way we trade?

10.00 - 10.30am

Keynote Speaker: Antony Welfare, Author, Commercializing Blockchain and The Retail Handbook

Introduction designed to brief senior leaders on what Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology is all about and why it is set to transform all aspects of the supply chain and logistics, bringing about a step change in the way the world trades.

Blockchain - Bringing Transparency and Trust?

10.30 - 11.15am

Is the use of blockchain really bringing about greater transparency and trust in global supply chains? Author Kate Baucherel provides an honest overview as well as some real-world examples of success.

Morning coffee break

11.15 - 11.30am

Join our speakers for networking and refreshments

The Internet of Food

11.30 - 12.30

Blockchain’s use in the food supply chain has been one of the most-discussed use cases. This session will open with a real-world case study from Haiti presented by Genevieve Leveille, CEO of AgriLedger followed by a panel discussion covering the following questions and more:

Can blockchain and DLT – combined with other frontier tech – open up new ways of doing things and reduce supply chain inefficiencies? Will blockchain make the idea of ‘fair trade’ a reality? Where are we now and what are the existing challenges and future opportunities for Blockchain in the food industry?

Panel speakers:

Pete Swabey – Economist Intelligence Unit (Moderator)
Genevieve Leveille – CEO, AgriLedger
Suyash Shrivastava – Solutions Architect, Maersk
Robert Learney – Lead Technologist in Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology, Digital Catapult


12.30 - 1.30pm

Lunch break and networking session

Fireside Chat

1.30 - 2.00pm

Barry James, Chairman, British Blockchain and Frontier Technologies Association in conversation with Massimo Buonomo, UN Global expert in blockchain.

Panel discussion: Interoperability and the Economy of Things

2.00 - 3.00pm

How do blockchain and DLT solutions interoperate across different blockchains? Can blockchain integrate with existing trace and track systems? Is the barrier to entry for SMEs too great and how will blockchain enable the future economy of things?

Speakers include:

Imogen Bunyard – COO, Qadre (Moderator)

Gilbert Verdian – CEO, Quant Network

Richard Stockley – Blockchain Business Development Executive – Global Trade, IBM (TradeLens)

Jim Duffy – CEO, Tracr

Eduard Oboimov – CEO,  eTEU Technologies

Trade Finance - show us the money

3.00 - 4.00pm

How is blockchain reducing the costs of trade finance and enabling micropayments? How can sharing data empower companies and consumers to make better or more efficient choices? And can the ‘trust layer’ enabled by blockchain help open up access to new markets especially in less developed countries?

Our panel of experts – moderated by Terry Igharoro, Founder of Inventory Club – will debate all this and more.

Speakers include:

Manu Marchal, Global Business Development, ConsenSys

Anna Poberezhna, Founder, Smart4Tech

Hugh Halford-Thompson, VP Business Development, MineHub Technologies

Innovation Showcase: Supply chain applications in practice

4.00 - 5.00pm

Demos and showcase of real-world uses cases and examples moderated by Katie Mills, Head of Innovation, Schneider Electric, and featuring an experienced panel of judges who will pick the overall winner.


Erica Stanford – Founder, Crypto Curry Club

Ruth Milligan – Head of Financial Services & Payments, techUK

Charles Kerrigan – Partner, CMS

Sharon Henley – Founder, Blockchain Agent

Pitches from:

Hugh Halford-Thompson, VP Business Development, MineHub Technologies

Claire Rhodes, CEO, Producers Direct

Eduard Oboimov, CEO, eTEU Technologies

Killian Stokes, Co-Founder, Moyee Coffee



Closing drinks

5.00 - 6.00pm

Please join us for our closing drinks reception

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      Antony Welfare

      Antony Welfare is one of the leading global experts in Enterprise Blockchain technology. He is MD Blockchain Practice at Luxoft and DXC technology and author of “Commercializing Blockchain: Strategic applications in the Real world”.

      Read more.

      Kate Baucherel

      Kate Baucherel is a digital strategist with a special interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Her latest book ‘Blockchain Hurricane’ is due for release in Spring 2020.

      Read more.

      Massimo Buonomo

      Massimo Buonomo is a UN Global Expert in Blockchain. He is a Senior Expert and Advisor in fintech and blockchain in finance for several international organisations.

      Read more.

      Imogen Bunyard

      Imogen Bunyard is COO and Co-Founder of Qadre. Qadre builds foundational technology to develop fintech solutions for enterprise.

      Read more.

      Helen Disney

      Helen Disney is the CEO and Founder of Unblocked and Co-Founder of GovChain Research.

      Read more.

      Jim Duffy

      Jim Duffy is CEO of Tracr, an innovative, diamond industry focused Internet of Value platform developed for the industry, by the industry.

      Read more.

      Genevieve Leveille

      Genevieve Leveille is CEO and Founder of Agriledger and Vice-Chair of techUK’s DLT Group.

      Read more.

      Gilbert Verdian

      Gilbert Verdian is the CEO and Founder of blockchain technology company Quant Network.Gilbert is building the Internet of Trust by converging blockchain, AI and cybersecurity.

      Read more.

      Pete Swabey

      Pete Swabey is editorial director at The Economist Intelligence Unit’s thought leadership division in EMEA and host of The EIU’s Digital Economy podcast.

      Read more.

      Terry Igharoro

      Terry Igharoro is Founder and CEO of Inventory Club which has built the world’s first peer-to-peer commodity trade finance marketplace for merchants of Commonwealth Nations.

      Read more.

      Emmanuel Marchal

      Emmanuel Marchal is Managing Director, Europe, and oversees Global Solutions for ConsenSys,  the largest and fastest growing blockchain company focused on building the Ethereum ecosystem.

      Read more.

      Richard Stockley

      Richard Stockley leads business development for IBM’s global trade applications of blockchain – working with supply chain organisations to harness blockchain as an enabler of digital transformation.

      Read more.

      Robert Learney

      Rob is Lead Technologist in Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology at Digital Catapult where he develops new programmes to help groups from multiple sectors explore the potential of this technology to unlock economic growth.

      Read more.

      Charles Kerrigan

      Charles Kerrigan is a Partner at CMS London. He is a leading expert on digital money, the law of payments, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, giving strategic and technical advice to corporations, financial institutions and regulators.

      Read more.

      Ruth Milligan

      Ruth Milligan is head of techUK’s Financial Services and Payments programme. She takes the lead on all issues relating to insurance, capital markets, financial inclusion, identity and blockchain as well as payments.

      Read more.

      Harveen Narulla

      Harveen Narulla is CEO and Co-Founder of Kommerce, which deploys blockchain and data analysis to empower African businesses to access capital markets and allows capital markets to safely and efficiently finance African businesses.

      Read more.

      Eduard Oboimov

      Eduard Oboimov is CEO and Co-founder of eTEU, a blockchain based platform which connects members of international supply chains to a single decentralised network, enabling direct communication, data sharing and secure transfer of documents.

      Read more.

      Suyash Shrivastava

      Suyash Shrivastava is an SAP Solutions Architect at Maersk. He has worked with leading corporates such as GSK, SAP AG, Accenture & Maersk Group simplifying Digital Transformation Programmes.

      Read more.

      Killian Stokes

      Killian Stokes is co-Founder of Moyee Coffee which is rolling out the world’s first blockchain powered coffee, digitalising payments to farmers, providing 100% transparency to shoppers and empowering consumers to redistribute wealth in value chains by effectively tipping the farmers to make trade more fair.

      Read more.

      Barry E James

      Barry E James is the Chairman of the British Blockchain and Frontier Technologies Association and the Founder of blockchain start up, Unrent.

      Read more.

      Katie Mills

      Katie Mills is the Head of Innovation at Schneider Electric and formerly ran the blockchain incubator, State Zero Labs.

      Read more.

      Sharon Henley

      Sharon Henley is the founder of Blockchain Agent, which specialises in helping start-ups, scale-ups and established companies identify the business opportunities presented by blockchain.

      Read more.

      Hugh Halford-Thompson

      Hugh Halford Thompson is VP Business Development at MineHub Technologies.

      Read more.

      Erica Stanford

      Erica Stanford is founder of Crypto Curry Club.

      Read more.

      Claire Rhodes

      Claire Rhodes is CEO of Producers Direct, an award-winning enterprise led by farmers, for farmers across East Africa & Latin America.

      Read more.

      Anna Poberezhna

      Anna is a strategic and innovation expert with a focus on impact technologies, sustainable finance and Sustainable Development Goals. She is founder of Smart4tech whose project areas cover supply chains innovation, natural resources management, water innovation and impact finance.

      Read more.

    What You Will Learn

    User-friendly introductions to enterprise applications of blockchain

    – Discovering new use cases and applications affecting the supply chain, retail and logistics

    – Understanding the strategic importance of blockchain and the new business processes being created that will transform the way you operate and cut down on administrative and operating costs

    – Keeping up-to-date with the latest new developments in the field

    – Meeting leading startups, investors and incumbent players innovating for the future

    – Promoting education, collaboration, innovation, research and partnerships between technical experts, policymakers, service providers, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.


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    Richard Hallewell - CPRAS

    "a pioneer in Blockchain and emerging technologies and a champion for women in blockchain. She is an accomplished policy analyst and writer and is a leader in the London Blockchain ecosystem, especially exploring industry verticals like health."

    Dr Jane Thomason - Fintech Worldwide

    "It has been wonderful working with Unblocked. Helen Disney is an expert in the blockchain and distributed ledger space, having been an early proponent of the technology. I've learned so much from her, and she has provided valuable consulting services to us"

    Christian Hasker, CMO - Hedera

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    Dr Jane Thomason - CEO, Fintech Worldwide

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    Chair, Frontier Technologies Association

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    Big Innovation Centre

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    Founder - Braxxis Partners

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    Conference Speaker, Healthcare Unblocked

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    Conference delegate, Healthcare Unblocked

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    Matthew Gardiner - Catch London

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    "Very interesting and a proper glimpse into the not-too-distant future. The talks felt particularly relevant to my area of work so I'll be investigating further."


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