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March 27, 2018 9:30am - 4:30pm / techUK, 10 St Bride's St, London , EC4A 4AD


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Blockchain applications in the energy sector – Making Energy Smarter. How is blockchain changing the energy markets? From peer-to-peer energy trading to tokenising the hardware, is a new wave of blockchain energy start ups leading us to a more sustainable, lower carbon economy? This event showcases leading innovators in the field and explains to newcomers how to harness these technologies for the good of their business, and maybe even of the planet.


Welcome, Registration & Coffee

9.30 - 9.45am

Arrival and registration

Introduction to Blockchain & the Energy Sector

9.45 - 10.00am

Innovators and business leaders are now becoming alert to Blockchain and distributed ledger technology and trying to understand the changes, risks and competitive advantages it may bring to the energy sector. This opening session explains what blockchain is and why it is set to transform the industry by providing an opportunity for both producers and consumers.

Accelerating The Transition to Sustainable Glocal Economies

10.00 - 10.30am

An opening speech presented by John Henry Clippinger, Founder of Swytch

Real-world implementation - are we ready?

10.30 - 11.30

Theory is one thing; real-world implementation of blockchain and distributed ledger technology projects is another. What are the hurdles to taking blockchain projects forward from education to funding, from technical challenges to meeting resistance from vested interests, we take a look at the experiences of those who have tried and learn the lessons from their successes and failures.

Moderator: Rodger Oates, Chair, techUK DLT working group


Alpesh Doshi – Founder, Fintricity

Jo-Jo Hubbard – COO, Electron

Sunil Kumar – Blockchain Lead for Energy, IBM

Professor David Shipworth – UCL Energy Institute



Coffee Break/Exhibition

11.30 - 11.45am

Coffee break, networking and exhibits

Legal and Regulatory hurdles to Blockchain in Energy

11.45 - 12.45

Energy markets are complex and heavily regulated, involving laws on both data protection and consumer protection. How will the adoption of blockchain and DLT projects be affected by the current legal and regulatory framework including the introduction of GDPR? And if peer-to-peer marketplaces are to emerge what impact will financial regulation also have on new entrants to the marketplace? Is policymaking keeping pace with the speed of innovation and, if not, what needs to change to make Europe a more attractive place for blockchain technology to be implemented?

Moderator – Imogen Bunyard – Co-Founder, Qadre

Sue McLean – Technology & Fintech Partner, Baker Mckenzie

Aleks Nowak – CIO, BlockEx

Laura Sandys – Founder, Challenging Ideas

Molly Webb – CEO and Founder, Energy Unlocked



12.45 - 1.30pm

A Buffet Lunch and Refreshments will be provided

Start Up Showcase

1.30 - 2.30pm

Showcasing up-and-coming new Blockchain-based use cases and applications in energy from the leading startups.

Moderator – Genevieve Leveille, OTenTic8.


Omar Rahim – CEO & Co-Founder, Energi Mine

Guillaume Marchand – Founder, Irene Energy

Peter Davies – CEO & Founder, Verv

Alastair Hutson – Founder, Zero Carbon Project

Global Champions of Blockchain

2.30 - 3.30pm

Blockchain projects are already becoming a reality around the world from using solar-powered drones in remote parts of Papua New Guinea to developing a proof-of-concept system for nation-state scale tokenization of energy consumption in Estonia to Dubai’s work on becoming the first blockchain city. Hear presentations from cutting-edge blockchain energy champions from around the world and find out the latest on the innovations they are bringing to market.


Ismail Malik – Founder & CEO. Blockchain Lab

Emmanuel Marchal – Managing Director, Europe,  ConsenSys

Nick Beglinger – CEO and Co-Founder, Cleantech21

Blockchain's environmental impact - harming or saving the planet?

3.30 - 4.30pm

Critics say the energy consumption required to power the Bitcoin network through mining is environmentally unsustainable. According to the Bitcoin energy consumption index, the digital currency already consumes 0.15% of the world’s energy, far exceeding the electricity consumption of Ireland or of most African nations. But could the race to find cheaper energy to mine bitcoin turn the process of using up excess capacity from energy plants into a form of investment, which ends up paying for and accelerating the development of more sustainable forms of energy? And what about blockchain applications which incentivise the use of green energy through tokens? It’s time to ask whether blockchains are really helping or harming the planet.

Steven Campbell – Lead Developer & CTO, ElectriCChain

Alastair Marke – Head of Blockchain Innovations (Climate Change), Abt Associates & Secretary-General, Blockchain Climate Institute

Guillaume Marchand – Founder, Irene Energy

Moderator – Helen Disney, Founder, Unblocked


Closing remarks from the Chair


Wrap up and closing remarks from the chair.

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      Nick Beglinger

      Nick Beglinger is co-founder and CEO of the Cleantech21 foundation (C21). His focus area is sustainable development at the crossroads of finance, innovation, and regulation. At COP22 in Marrakesh 2016, Nick co-founded the Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI), bringing distributed ledger technologies to UNFCCC.He is also part of the IOTA Foundation, the Global Infrastructure Basel Foundation, and WWF’s Leaders for Nature.

      Read more.

      Imogen Bunyard

      Imogen Bunyard is COO and Co-Founder of Qadre. Qadre builds foundational technology to develop fintech solutions for enterprise.

      Read more.

      Steven Campbell

      Steven Campbell is CTO and Lead Developer at ElectriCChain. The ElectriCChain is an Open Solar energy generation data project with an initial focus on verifying and publishing data from the seven million solar energy generators globally on an open Blockchain.

      Read more.

      John Henry Clippinger

      John Clippinger is Chief Innovation Officer and Founder at He recently founded the Token Commons Foundation in Zug Switzerland where his team is developing commons based protocols for decentralized governance and self-sovereign identity and the issuance of Swytch as a utilization token to accelerate the equitable transition to sustainable energy on a global scale.

      Read more.

      Peter Davies

      Peter Davies is the CEO & Founder of Verv, machine learning experts in the energy sector. Verv have combined machine learning, IoT and blockchain to create an optimised peer-to-peer energy trading platform that will reduce energy bills and improve access to green energy.

      Read more.

      Helen Disney

      Helen Disney is the CEO and Founder of Unblocked and Co-Founder of GovChain Research.

      Read more.

      Alpesh Doshi

      Alpesh Doshi is Founder and CEO of Fintricity, a fintech consultancy specialising in agile digital transformation.

      Read more.

      Joanna Hubbard

      Joanna Hubbard is COO and Co-Founder of Electron, a London based start-up harnessing blockchain technologies to design more efficient, resilient and flexible systems for the energy sector.

      Read more.

      Alastair Hutson

      Alastair Hutson is Managing Director at Beond Group and Founder of the Zero Carbon Project which aims to tackle climate change using blockchain.

      Read more.

      Sunil Kumar

      Sunil Kumar leads Blockchain consulting services at IBM for Energy clients in the UK & Europe.

      Read more.

      Genevieve Leveille

      Genevieve Leveille is CEO and Founder of Agriledger and Vice-Chair of techUK’s DLT Group.

      Read more.

      Ismail Malik

      Ismail Malik is the Editor in Chief of ICO Crowd magazine and the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Lab.

      Read more.

      Emmanuel Marchal

      Emmanuel Marchal is Managing Director, Europe, and oversees Global Solutions for ConsenSys,  the largest and fastest growing blockchain company focused on building the Ethereum ecosystem.

      Read more.

      Guillaume Marchand

      Guillaume Marchand founded Irene Energy in February 2017. He is an expert in commodity trading and in its digitalization.

      Read more.

      Alastair Marke

      Alastair Marke is Head of Blockchain Innovations (Climate Change) at Abt Associates and Secretary-General of the Blockchain Climate Institute. He is also Climate Change Policy Lead for the British Blockchain Association.

      Read more.

      Sue McLean

      Sue McLean is a Technology and FinTech Partner at the law firm, Baker McKenzie. She specialises in commercial technology matters including blockchain/DLT.

      Read more.

      Aleks Nowak

      Aleks Nowak is CIO of BlockEx, a digital asset exchange platform and ICO Marketplace. BlockEx recently announced that We Power, a blockchain-based green energy trading platform, will be using BlockEx to facilitate its ICO.

      Read more.

      Rodger Oates

      Rodger Oates is a Consulting Partner at Tata Consulting Services and Chair of the Distributed Ledger Working Group at techUK.

      Read more.

      Omar Rahim

      Omar Rahim is CEO and Co-Founder of Energy Mine, a startup using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to revolutionise the way that energy is purchased and consumed globally.

      Read more.

      Laura Sandys

      Laura Sandys is the CEO of Challenging Ideas. She is an innovator and former MP who seeks to challenge incumbent thinking in public policy and business in order to increase competition, productivity and creativity.

      Read more.

      Professor David Shipworth

      David Shipworth is Professor of Energy and the Built Environment at the UCL Energy Institute. He is Vice-chair for Strategy and Task Development in the International Energy Agency’s Demand Side Management Technology Collaboration Programme, and is also the UK Government’s Industry and Academic representative to this TCP.

      Read more.

      Molly Webb

      Molly Webb is the Founder of Energy Unlocked. She has 18 years of experience in technology startups, environmental and innovation policy. She launched Energy Unlocked in 2015 at COP21 to accelerate the pace of global energy system transitions.

      Read more.

    What You Will Learn

    – User-friendly introduction to cryptocurrencies and applications of blockchain

    – Discover new use cases and applications affecting the energy sector

    – Understand the strategic importance of blockchain and the new business models being created that will transform the way you do business

    – Keep up-to-date with the latest new developments in the field

    – Meet leading startups, investors and entrepreneurs innovating for the future


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